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Destinee Monroe was born in New Jersey on June 16, ’94. Destinee, Paris, and the sisters friend Ariel Moore founded Clique Girlz in 2004 and released the group’s first studio album, Incredible, in Japan in 2008. She and her sister and musical collaborator, Paris, grew up in Egg Township, New Jersey, as the daughters of Edward and Lenore Monroe. Blanchard Ryan pic The argument is neatly summed up as freedom of speech information versus the right to be forgotten. There’s still a full 12th of it left. She has hosted more than 75 live-streaming events, including the first-ever live digital broadcast of The Grammys, and guest-starred on television series such as New Girl, American Dad, The League, and Rules of Engagement, among others. She gained internet fame with her video for the song Hot4Hill, which was made in support of 2008 U.S. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton..

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Blanchard Ryan pic

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Blanchard Ryan pic 83

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